Monuments, Meals & Memories

On a recent visit to the Motherland, I ate like a local and took photos like a tourist. Here are a few of my favourites:

Flight path


Intricate carvings on a Hindu temple


Crouching Lion, Not-so-Hidden Dragon protecting a Chinese temple


‘Nasi lemak’ – Malaysian Breakfast (or Lunch, or Dinner) of Champions. Authentic apart from the melamine banana leaf.


‘Teh tarik’ – savour the condensed-milk-sweetened, frothy deliciousness of ‘pulled tea’.


And then, the most beautiful thing I had seen in a while. A gift from my sister to our mother after my father’s passing. My parents in the 1970s. Captured and secured within a silver locket, so they may remain together although apart.


Visits to Malaysia are good for the soul.

©2018 Seetha Dodd

Shutter up

Sometimes words aren’t the right words to say,’ to quote a Passenger song. This week the words just didn’t flow. So if the old saying is right, that a picture says a thousand words, here are 6000 of my best.

1000: Rainbow sky in Cremorne

night sky

2000: Palm Beach sunset

palm beach sunset

3000: Clouds at sea – Balmoral Beach

clouds at sea

4000: The Sky says ‘Dance!’ and the clouds pirouette

the sky says dance and the clouds pirouette

5000: Martin Place at Twilight

sydney at twilight

6000: The Kiss, Balmoral Beach

the kiss

©2017 Seetha Dodd