The Key

make a wish

“People disappoint, so set your expectations low,”
A weary soul once told me this, many moons ago.

But I was young and hopeful, so I thought I’d take a chance
And strode down Optimism Street without a second glance.

The path was rough, uneven, not at all like I had thought;
The people, dark and jaded, seemed unhappy with their lot.

Kindness always wins. I’ll keep my expectations high.
“But people disappoint,” the world said with a wistful sigh.

The further down the path I went, the more Heartache I found
And every time I tried to rise, Truth pulled me to the ground.

What’s the point? I asked the world, of trying to be true?
The world didn’t answer, it was disappointed too.

Then I met a woman with a shawl and shining eyes;
She took me to a tiny shack that she called ‘Paradise’.

She asked me why I looked so sad; I told her of my woe
That Happiness had flown away not too long ago:

I had it once, I held it tight, so tight it could not breathe.
And then I put it in a cage and begged it not to leave.

When I was out exploring, one dark and jaded day,
Someone opened up the cage and let it fly away.

I tried so hard to lock it up, to keep it safe, you see.
“Oh, my dear,” she said, “but then you gave away the key.”

People disappoint, I said, It’s no use being kind.
Every time I look for Hope, it’s Misery I find.

With shining eyes she looked straight through my dark and jaded heart;
She took my hand and led me all the way back to the start.

“Happiness,” she said, “is waiting for you every day.
But first let me show you what’s been standing in your way.”

She handed me a mirror; I was horrified to see
The one who disappointed most, staring back at me.

©2018 Seetha Dodd

Shadow Play


The stage is set
and behind the screen
the puppets are poised,
shadows waiting to play.

On the other side
the audience is ready
to watch the dance
of the puppets at play.

The manipulation begins.
Dance by the rules.
A firm flick of the wrist.
Puppets forced to play.

The audience claps
at the beautiful show
while the puppets are trapped
in this shadow play.

Perhaps one day
the screens will come down,
we cross into the realm
of the shadows at play.

Shatter the safety of illusion
of what is seen and not seen
but for now it remains
just shadow play. 

©2018 Seetha Dodd


I gave it 110% he said
and in that one, small, quantifiable statement
there was a palpable loss of credibility.

What is 110% effort?
How can we give more than everything we have?
Was he one whole person or an extended being with superhuman capacity?

Some economist said it means overdrawing on your account of effort.
A one-off push of more than you have
then you have nothing left, or less than nothing.

But where does it stop?
Someone will give 150% and another 1000%
I tried so hard I gave a million percent.

One hundred percent!
100% is the whole, entire amount.
Any more exists in growth, money back guarantees or over-zealous home loans.

Not in effort.
If we all gave 100%
I think that would suffice.

©2018 Seetha Dodd

The Shift

(Or The Fix, Part 2)

Window to the soul

You can’t:

Dig yourself out of a bottomless hole

Un-feel what once ignited your soul

Un-deal a card from your poker hand

Or breathe when your head is buried in sand.

But you can:

Weather the storm with a dance in the rain

Allow raw emotion to course through your veins

Accept that your power exists in today

Believe that your heart and your soul know the way.

©2018 Seetha Dodd




Acknowledge your pain
let it in so you can let it go
allow it to stay a while
so you will know what it feels like when it leaves
even if some questions remain – the unanswered and the unasked.

Take hold of your pain
wrap it up carefully in newspaper because it has sharp edges
which have cut you many times before
it has been with you so long that it is a part of you
but the longer you hold it the heavier it becomes.

Dispose of your pain
making sure it cannot find its way back
let it go with respect
for all the hurt there were also lessons
for all the battles there is now peace.

Forgiveness is not for you, it is for me.

©2017 Seetha Dodd

The Fix

You could:

Fix a dated kitchen with new cupboard doors

Place a new rug over scratched wooden floors

Mask a tear-stained face with a freshly-bleached smile

Hide internal scars with Instagram style.

But you can’t:

Eliminate flaws from a dream you were sold

Brush Tippex over lies that were told

Use Botox on lines etched deep in the heart

Or trick the present into erasing the past.

©2017 Seetha Dodd