The Waiting Perch


Love is a tiny morsel of bread
flung by a careless hand.
The lonely pigeon, one amongst hundreds
swoops down from her waiting perch
open-hearted and hopeful for a taste of happiness.
She surfaces hungry, pitiful
while others emerge victorious,
strutting around with full bellies and smug expressions.
So she returns to her perch
to wait for the fling
of the next morsel
that surely will be hers.

©2018 Seetha Nambiar Dodd

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Perch

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  2. But this is not the end
    The story does continue somewhat on
    For a turn of events fortuitous
    awaits our heroine below so on

    As she sits on lonely perch
    With spirit forlorn and wings heavy
    Notice she does a glint below
    Is she imagining dwell she not

    Yet again there the sun shines
    An odd morsel the crowd missed
    Down she drops heart in hope

    Today her luck has sprung upon
    An oddly shaped morsel under stone
    Back in flight a strange delight

    The more she eats the morsel
    The morsel eats her the more
    Odder and odder she soon feels

    Her perch she again reaches but
    Tis not the perch she left
    How strange she now feels everything

    And where is her little morsel
    Lost it she has but gained
    A fellow traveler perched by her

    Their eyes meet in ancient greet
    What was strange is no more
    Afresh this the magic of life

    The gods of love
    Have set her free
    In flight they rise

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