How to have fun like a 4 year old


  1. Puddles are for jumping in, not walking around. Even if you are not wearing rainboots. Or any kind of footwear.
  2. Ask for dessert first. Ask for dessert at any time of the day, including as a reward for eating breakfast.
  3. The moments between undressing for a shower and actually getting into the shower are for practising your best dance moves.
  4. You can play hide and seek with a dog.
  5. When eating oranges, it is compulsory to flash an orange slice smile.
  6. There is always enough time to stop and play in crunchy, crispy Autumn leaves.
  7. Most things can be used as a lightsaber for Jedi battles. If you can’t find anything, use an outstretched arm, preferably (but not necessarily) your own.
  8. When invited to a Superhero party, a Ninja Turtle-Superman hybrid is a perfectly valid costume choice. If a fellow Superhero doesn’t think so, it’s not you that needs to change.
  9. When you go to kiss someone on the cheek, lick them instead. If you do this only once out of every three times, you are more likely to catch them off guard.
  10. Whenever you hear a song you love, reach your hands out to the nearest person and say, Let’s dance!

©2018 Seetha Dodd

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