I now pronounce you….writer and blog.


When I was a child I had notebooks that I filled with words. My words, someone else’s words, words that I found in books, words that I thought were magical, words that begged to be read aloud. I read books of quotations for fun; I painstakingly transcribed lyrics of songs that I thought were clever; I delighted in word-play from movies, advertisements and conversation. I also subjected many hard-covered notebooks to the trials and tribulations of a teenager – each entry starting with the uninspired ‘Dear Diary’. My favourite thing to watch on TV was L.A. Law for the verbal battles in the courtroom.

Through the journey into adulthood, my love affair with words did not diminish but the time I had to devote to it did. Despite engineering a master plan to keep it burning by studying English at university, the notebook-filling became less frequent and the diaries stopped. I wrote the odd poem (and a couple of very odd poems) and continued to save other people’s words in various places – as images on my phone, links on my computer, pages on Facebook. But it wasn’t enough. I needed somewhere to bring it all together. My words, your words, ideas, life lessons, magical moments and perhaps even the perfect banana bread recipe (because writing is hungry work).

So now, as an older, ‘adultier’ adult, I’ve decided it is time to rekindle the love and make it formal. Time to put a ring on it. Welcome to my blog! I hope we will be very happy together.

©2017 Seetha Dodd

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  1. Keep those stories flowing Seeth as I so enjoy reading it as its so creatively written n funny!


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